Making a Difference - National

Making a Difference highlights the power of news media titles to campaign for positive change. Earlier this week, an online vote was held to determine which local and national campaigns from the past year are the public's favourites.

The winners will be announced on Friday 9 October. Browse the local campaigns here

Making a Difference

Time To End Cystic Fibrosis Drug Scandal

The Daily Express launched their campaign Time to End Cystic Fibrosis to raise awareness of the genetic disease and to encourage the life-changing drugs to be made available on the NHS. The 2019 campaign boasted of 86 case studies, 45 two-page spreads, 62 page leads and nine front-page splashes.

The Express highlighted the powerful stories of those suffering with the disease and the need for treatment. Their campaign eventually led NHS and US firm Vertex to meet, and the campaigns online petition hit 100,000 signatures leading to a crucial Parliamentary debate.

The Express also arranged for cystic fibrosis sufferer Carlie Pleasant to write a weekly column, interview Health Secretary Matt Hancock and the Vertex chief executive Dr Jeff Leiden. Dr Leiden later contacted the Express vowing to meet Mr Hancock for new talks which later led to a deal.

​Mr Hancock announced the historic accord by ringing Carlie first before publicly praising the Daily Express’ campaign success.