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Making a Difference

Segregated Playgrounds

The Guardian's reporting on segregated playgrounds, led by Harriet Grant and the Guardian Cities team, shone a light on a largely unnoticed side-effect of planning policy which had devastating effects on social housing tenants across the country.

The shocking case of the Lilian Baylis estate in south London, where children of less well-off families were barred from the play area and forced to watch children of private tenants enjoy the facilities, sparking an outcry from the public and across the political spectrum.

The stories led to the developer changing policy.

The Guardian went on to reveal similar segregated playgrounds across London and the country, in a series of reports that exposed wider themes of inequality and flaws in housing policy.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan announced, as a result of the Guardian's revelations and the campaign by the families on the Lilian Baylis estate, that no future developments in the capital would be allowed to have segregated playgrounds.

The Government then followed suit by announcing it would ban segregated play spaces in all new developments across the country.